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We at PRESSED CLEANERS are taking the COVID-19 Outbreak seriously. Please read our notes below that will inform you of our Store’s Hours and Route schedules, and services that we offer that you might not know about. 

Store Hours for the Week of: 4-6-2020**

MONDAY-TUESDAY   9:00am-4:00pm

WEDNESDAY-CAREFREE   9:00am-1:00pm

WEDNESDAY-ANTHEM   7:00am-12:00pm

THURSDAY-   9:00am-3:00pm

FRIDAY   9:00am-3:00pm



We will reduce our Route schedule to once a week starting 3-30-2020 until further notice

The M/TH ROUTE (MONDAY) and the T/F ROUTE (TUESDAY) if you need your clothes prior to your next Pick-Up/Delivery Date you can pick up your orders on Thursday after 12pm at our Carefree Store


**This is a Fluid Situation; the store hours and route schedules could change at a moment’s notice based on things we cannot control.

Our goal is to stay open thru this crisis for our Customers that work in essential businesses, and for others that need our Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

We also want to try to keep as many of our employees employed so they can make a paycheck to provide for their families

We appreciate all of you that have continued to support us during these unsettling times, and we know if the COVID-19 Outbreak continues, our sales keep dwindling, we be could be forced to close our doors temporarily for lack funds

If you are a bye-weekly A/R customer, we will be charging any open balances once a week starting 4-4-2020 (Saturday or Sunday) this is a necessary to maintain cash flow to maintain operations.

We do qualify for the SBA (CARES ACT) (SBA PPP) we are working on our application, and we will be ready to submit when we get the final instructions (we believe sometime this week) this money will greatly help us to maintain our business with little disruption in the short term. We will still need to manage our business hours, so we can be strong when our country starts to open.

How our Customers can help us out so we have cash-on-hand to pay our employees and our vendors, we ask that if you have clothes at our stores, and you are able to pick them up when they are ready, will help us out greatly. (We carry about $15K in inventory, and if we can reduce that 30%-50% during these times will really help us out.)


Some of the services that you might not know we offer. We have home Pick-Up and Delivery, we also offer Wash-Dry-Fold Service, the price is based on per pound…this service is available to our Pick-Up and Delivery Customers.

Wash-Dry-Fold Service works this way, if you bring it to one of our stores for drop-off and pick- up. We ask you bring it in a trash bag (do not dump clothes on our counters) and we will tag it with your information, and we will move it to our wash area to be processed. This service has a 5-lbs minimum (if you bring in 3-lbs you will charge for 5-lbs) Some might ask why? Every load is run the same way, and we don’t mix other people’s clothes, so there is general cost per load.

This service is available to our Home Pick-Up and Delivery Customers. This has a 10-lbs minimum for this service. If this is something you want to entertain there are 3 ways to sign up for this service.

(1)    You can click Customer Connect on this website

(2)    You can download our mobile APP, again, information is on this website

(3)    You can call our Route number (480) 473-2020 and one of our CSR can help you with signing up.

Wash-Dry-Fold Service for our Home Pick-Up and Delivery Customers If you are going to send us your Wash-Dry-Fold, i.e. Sheets, Towels, Shirts, Pants and Personal Articles Under Wear, Socks etc.…Please put your clothes in a separate garbage bag do not put it with your (Dry Cleaning and Pressed Laundry), Please label your Wash-Dry-Fold with your Name, Phone (cell preferably) an Email addressif this is your first time using this service, please make sure you separate your Wash-Dry-Fold from your normal (Dry Cleaning and Pressed Laundry) again, please label it with your Name, Phone an Email. When we return your order, we will have a personalized Route Bag for your (Dry Cleaning and Pressed Laundry).

Please check back to this site from time to time to see if there are any updates.

Please be safe and follow the advice of our health officials



CAREFREE STORE-(480)-588-6961






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About Us - Carefree Premier Dry Cleaning

Pressed Dry Cleaning has built its reputation on a commitment to impeccable quality, innovation and customer service, Pressed Dry Cleaning is the North Valley's Premier quality dry cleaner serving Carefree customers. And, while times and fashion may have changed, one thing hasn't: our commitment to help you look your best.

Our North Valley Dry Cleaning locations specialize in garments ranging from professional business shirts to silk Tommy Bahama shirts and from casual sun dresses to formal beaded cocktail gowns. We personally handle, clean, inspect and package each garment to ensure your clothes will come out clean every time with a noticeable difference in feel and finish.

Pressed Dry Cleaning, understands your time is important, so we offer convenient services including Same-Day Service, we also offer Express VIP Bag Service.

We welcome your questions and are happy to provide advice to help you care for your wardrobe properly. We take great pride in helping our customers gain the most from their clothing investment. The greatest compliments we ever receive is the return business of our customers. Our customers truly become our friends, and it's an honor to be a part of the North Valley Dry Cleaning community.

At Pressed Dry Cleaning, we look forward to earning your business for many years to come. Thank you for trusting us with your dry cleaning and laundry needs.

Pressed Dry Cleaning has built its reputation on a commitment to impeccable quality, innovation and customer service, Pressed Dry Cleaning is the Carefree customer's quality dry cleaner. And, while times and fashion may have changed, one thing hasn't: our commitment to help you look your best.

Phone: (480) 787-5757
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